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Offering private and group vinyasa yoga, power classes and restorative yoga sessions for all levels.

Vinyasa - We synchronize the breath with a continuous and dynamic smooth flow of postures. Building strength in the body and mind and finding flexibility. For one-on-one classes the sequencing and music choice is designed to match the clients needs, preferences and ability.

Power - A more intense, sweaty practice. Upbeat music and emphasis on core and muscle building. Faster rhythm to the flow. Still working to focus on the breath as we flow. 

Restorative - This is the milk and honey. Perfectly enhances a yoga practice. We focus on centering the breath and the body to find complete relaxation. Aligning the physical and mental by practicing stillness for extended periods of time. There is some very gentle movement to loosen the muscles before finding stillness. Props are used to find the most comfortable position to hold poses allowing the muscles and mind to relax. Hands on assists are used to help the body completely surrender into a meditative state.  


Meditation - Guided meditation is available for groups or one on one. Focus on healing, relaxation and self acuating by fuzing both guided and still meditation together. Coming to a state of deep peace when the mind is comfortable, calm and still.

Reiki -   A energetic healing modality. Channeling energy into the body by means intention of touch. Activating the natural healing processes of the body and restoring physical and emotional well-being. 


Head shots -  Imperative for business. Focusing on the face and features. A friendly and professional representation.

Fine Art Portraiture - Artistic representation of you. More expressive, playful, soulful, etc. Play on shadows and light. Great for personal or professional use.

Boudoir - An intimate, romantic and more sensual representation of the face and body. 

Family sessions - A collection harnessing the families dynamics with fun and soulful group photos and individual portraits of each family member.