Love. Service. Photography.

Love. Service. Photography.
You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in one drop
— Rumi

How Can My Photography Serve Women?

This is a question that had me stumped. How can I take my passion and my current life phase and make it serve. How can I help my world? Where do I fit? How can I give my money to others and still provide for my family? Well, I'm making my company tithe so to speak.

Each session I do. Each print order that comes in, and any LRH accessory sold (coming soon). I'm giving a portion to charities that benefit women. We are going to support and enrich women's lives through photography. I shoot women's lifestyle portraiture and their families. So by choosing Little Raven Heart for your session, or donating to one of our Heart Sessions, you're giving some of you to another. 

I'm passionate about women. Always have been. Everyone should be in my opinion. But for me personally, it's my way to live my calling. Very, very frequently I call my husband to tell him that we should sell everything, become missionaries and live exclusively in service for others. And I do feel that vision may be part of our future someday. But right now, this fits. Helping women see themselves up close. In their own skin, and realizing that they are indeed exquisite. I want us to talk about what makes us worthy. All of the adjectives that make up who we are. The dynamic role we play in this world. Helping women return to their heart and participate in a little self nurturing. Opening up to see the real her in an image. And then taking it a step further and taking the time to physically serve shoulder to shoulder with other women for other women. Giving women validation. Helping them raise up the next generation of women to carry strong messages on to a generation that we won't live to see. Sending our vibrations of love into the future and encouraging a world where women truly matter. Photography really can do that. Every job can do that. I'm starting small for sure because it's just me right now. But just me, is big enough.