Portraits 40+

Why do we take photos? I take them because it's proof that we were here. A mark we make and pass down. We're the most photographed generations in history and everyone seems to have a camera or phone. We think we created the selfie when in fact photographers have been winning at the selfie game for a very long time! Photos stop time. They allow us to see ourselves and our loved ones in a new way. Professional photos are unique. A professional session allows you to take time out and celebrate you or your family. You get to spend an hour or so with someone who has made it their job to capture your beauty forever in a print. We want to see you happy with you. Especially us togs who are authentic and don't manipulate the body in post production. We want YOU to feel beautiful. We work with your body, your likes and dislikes, and pick locations to accurately portray what is uniquely you. We want to tell your story with you. Our profession is art and documentation. We play with light. In your session we'll talk about you and we'll get to know you. We'll photograph what makes you tick. We may be the pros, but our direction comes from your demeanor, your story, your body language. When women leave portrait and boudoir sessions they feel hot! And its because they've really been paid attention too. They laugh a lot. They open up. We become friends. It's important work because it's soul work.

So why 40+?

Many women will tell you that they really grew up and came in to their own around 30. Many women realize their worth, accept their bodies to some degree, they figure out where they belong in this world in relation to themselves and family and what not. Women are exquisite at 40 and on up. They're amazing all of the time as they journey on, they really are. My next blog is about those preteens. But there's something unique about 40-50. Women realize that the 18-28ish year old body isn't the only hot bod out there. A mature face is a sexy face too. They may really have a style. Many have older kids and are gaining newfound independence back which they haven't had in sometimes 15-20 years! If they want careers those dreams may really be coming in to fruition at this time. I look forward to 40 with blazing love. I'm currently (almost) 32. The women I know are all coming in to their own. We thought 20 was grown. Then thought 30 would be our time to be all grown up. Now I realize that these 40+ gals got their shit figured out. They're strong women with stories. They're so beautiful. For everything we're facing, they've probably already faced it, and that's where the wisdom comes in.
40th Birthday sessions are really becoming a fun option. Taking the years that the beauty industry likes to deem as old and turning them into the hottest years of a woman's life. Seriously. Ask the strong self assured 40+ babes you know, they'll tell you! And if you're 40+ self isn't feeling any of this then woman get yourself a session and celebrate what is yours! Take photos that maybe your kids will keep. Take them for you and you alone. Get boudoir for yourself or a partner! Get in front of that camera and stand in your own truth. Because you're a bombshell and the only one who needs convincing of this fact is you.