MIA? No Just Seeking

Oy, I haven't posted in 5 months. I have the best of intentions. I always do. Reality check, we all have those awesome intentions. And more often than not 3, 6, 15 months later we pause and think, "Aw man! I didn't keep up with my commitments to myself!" Right? I know I am! But I have been seeking. Internally as always and business wise, trying to figure out where I fit in the business world. 

So here's what's happening. Little Raven Heart is ever evolving, kind of like the owner. Taking inventory of what serves me and my business and trying to let the rest go. Removing my preconceived notions of what success looks like. Working to build a business that makes income for my family but is also authentic and helpful. I have put together a home studio for portrait sessions, which will eventual transform into a private studio someday when it feels right. I'm actively pursuing teaching yoga and have completed the first and second placements as a Reiki Practitioner, with hopes for more this fall. So much growth and strength through this journey and I'm ready to share it! (I officially have a portfolio career. cool huh!?!) That term was revolutionary for me. Life changing to see my success in a different way; recognizing that success looks different for everyone. And having three avenues for service and income fit me well.

Teaching yoga, taking portraits and giving Reiki. It's full and rewarding and I'm enjoying the business, my business. I'm so very connected to this work that it must be authentic. My end goal is to work with people on life journeys. To start a journey together and offer a built in support system. Private yoga classes, talking through life and wellness together, reiki and meditation for healing, and finally portraits at the end. Well, not the end, but once the person is at a point that they truly feel healed and whole. A celebration of their physical beauty matching the whole fulfilled internal self. To harness Shel Silverstein; when their outside face matches the inside face. 

Little Raven Heart (LRH) will be serving women three fold. LRH Private Yoga (and continuing support), LRH Reiki, and LRH Portraits. Website will come to match this very soon as I get help with internet land! I'm a creature of the dirt, stem, bloom, sky and breeze. Now, technologically I need aide! Looking forward to sharing more and working with everyone, maybe you!

With all my love